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Degreasing salt

ED – 100 – Electrolytic Degreasing salt

ED – 100 is a cyanide free electrolytic degreasing salt for electrolytic degreasing of all standard metal objects. Also suitable for anodic degreasing of steel. Furthermore it is also used for the removal of the protective coating of POLYMER – ANTITARNISH.

Make – up& Dosage

Stir 60-90 g of ED-100 degreasing salt in 1 litre of warm (30 - 40 c) tap water.

Working conditions

Anode material                                     stainless steel

Anode-/ cathode ratio                         2:1

Container material                               pp or stainless steel

Filtering                                                  not required

Motion                                                   not required

Bath temperature                                20-25c

Voltage                                                  6-10 volts

Exposure time                                     ~30-60 set

                                                                                   ~4 minutes to remove POLYMER-ANTITARNISH             

Current density                                   5-15Amp per sqdm