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Gold Electrolytes



Colour gold electrolytes on cyanide base for the selective pen-/brush-electroplating – available colours: red, rose, yellow and green.




Bath type: Low alkaline, cyanide-based

Gold content: 20 g per litre

Layer: Gold

Bath temperature: Room temperature (20-30 °C)

Voltage: Gold-SP-red 4-10 V

 Gold-SP-rosé 4-10 V

 Gold-SP-yellow 8-15 V

 Gold-SP-green 4-15 V

Type of application: Selective pen-/brush-electroplating

Delivery form: 2g Au per 100ml-bottle





Gold-VA is a strong acidic cyanide based gold electrolyte. It is used for the strong adhesive direct gold plating of stainless steel without the pre-plating / -striking of an intermediate layer. In addition, the strong activating effect of Gold-VA even allows for the plating of passive materials.


Bath type: Strong acidic, cyanide-based

Gold content: 2 g per litre

Layer: Gold

Max. layer thickness: 0.2 µm

pH-value: 0.3

Bath temperature: 25 °C   (15-35 °C)

Current density: 4 A/dm2 (1 - 10 A/dm2)

Type of application: Stainless steel plating,

 adhesive layers

Delivery form: Make-up:

 Gold-VA Make-up + Replenisher


 Gold-VA Replenisher





Gold-SF is a sulphite-based gold electroplating bath with a neutral pH-value. Due to its extremely low chloride content this ultrapure bath shows even after long ultraviolet light exposure a high bath stability. Although generally used in the jewellery sector, uses can also be found for industrial applications such as dental electroforming etc.


Bath type: Neutral, sulphite based

Gold content: 10-15 g per litre

Layer: Gold 99.9%

Max. layer thickness: max. 500 µm

pH-value: 7.5

Bath temperature: 60 °C   (55-65 °C)

Current density: 1 A/dm2  (0.1 - 1.5 A/dm2)

Type of application: Jewellery, electroforming

Delivery form: Make-up: Gold-SF (15 g Au / L)


 Gold-SF-R (100 g Au / L)





Colour gold bath with a broad range of colours depending on the chosen colour additive solution. Gold-CPB has a low gold content - designed for the deposition of thin gold layers.


Bath type: Colour gold bath

Gold content: 1 g per litre

Layer: Gold

Max. layer thickness: 0.2 µm

pH-value: 4-5

Bath temperature: 60 °C

Current density: 5 A/dm2 (1-5 A/dm2)

Type of application: Jewellery, watches


Delivery form: Make-up:

 conductive salt + KAu(Cn)2

 Replenishment: KAu(Cn)2


 The following colours can be deposited by addition of different colour additive solutions: green, yellow, rose, red.