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Palladium Electrolyte



Palladium-AS-3 is a weak alkaline palladium electrolyte for the deposition of bright, unstressed, adhesive coatings.


Bath type: Weak alkaline

Palladium content: 3 g per litre

Layer: Palladium, brilliant white

Max. layer thickness: 1.5 µm

pH-value: 8

Bath temperature: 45 °C  (30-60 °C)

Current density: 1 A/dm2

Deposition rate: 1.5 µm / 5 min at 1 A/dm2

Type of application: Diffusion barriers,                         white final coatings

Delivery form: Make-up: Palladium-AS-3

 Replenishment: Palladium-AS-3-R1, Palladium-AS-3-R2 and -R3