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Silver Electrolyte



Bright silver bath for extremely brilliant white coatings - ideal for decorative and technical applications.


Bath type: Cyanide-base

Silver content: 45 g per litre

Layer: Silver

Max. layer thickness: 25 µm

pH-value: 11,5

Bath temperature: 25 °C (20-30 °C)

Current density: 0,5 - 1,2 A/dm2

Deposition rate: 1 µm / 2 min at 1 A/dm2

Type of application: Decoration + technics

Delivery form: Make-up:

 Silver-BRIGHT-100 (45 g Ag / L)


 Silver anodes + Brightener A + B



Conductive – silver – Spray



Conductive silver spray is a fast, easy and economical method of applying a metal coating to nonconductive surfaces. Especially suitable as a base for electroplating.



Jewelry undercoating


Amateur electronics

Repair of circuit boards

Repair of electromagnetic shielding

Repair of windshield heaters

Directions for use:

Shake can for at least 30 sec. before spraying. Spray onto the object from a distance of approx. 23 cm. The dosage can be controlled to a certain extent by varying the pressure on the pressure on the valve button. If necessary the spraying procedure can be interrupted. Observe the drying time – which can be reduced by applying hot air to the plated ware – of the paint. After each spraying hold the can upside down and press the valve button to clear the valve and spray tube. Residues a dirt can easily be removed with acetone. Do not point in the direction of naked flames or red hot objects. Keep away from sources of ignition. Refrain from smoking. Keep out reach of children. Canister is pressurized. Do not expose to direct sunlight and avoid temperatures over 50c.