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Antitarnish M100

Antitarnish – M – 100 pro - KIT

Antitarnish – M – 100 pro – KIT is based on an aqueous,metal – free solution in which the organic inhibitor is present as a fine dispersion. The passivation layer is applied by an electrophoretic coating process and is specially designed for silver surfaces.

A thin transparent layer will protect silver surfaces from tarnishing generally caused by hydrogen sulfides. The layer will neither effect the solderability nor the bondability compared to an untreated silver surface.

The conductivity and the contact resistance will hardly be effected. Neither colour nor brightness of the silver coatings will be negatively influenced.

The tarnish protection works also on palladium, platinum, copper and red gold surfaces. Due to its chemical composition, the protective film also acts as a lubricant.


Operating conditions

Concentration: 10 ml/l (range: 5-50 ml/l) Antitarnish-m-100.

Operation temperature: 50c (40-50 c)

PH-value: 3.7 (range 3.4 - 4.1) ,to be adjusted with diluted sodium hydroxide solution

Agitation: slow agitation by means of a pump and agitation of the parts is recommended.

Filtration: Not recommended

Voltage: from 2.5 to 7 v.

Time of exposure: 5 minutes (range 3 – 10 minutes)